Brazilian waxing or Suzie Snatching (my own verbiage) is essentially complete removal of the hair in the bikini area from the pelvis, labia and anus. Literally clean as a baby’s bottom! Before we go along I would like to add that I have given most of my waxing services a “fun” name just to add a bit of playfulness to the experience. When describing services I will provide a proper description of the service as well. If going completely bald isn’t for you (although I highly recommend it) there are options available such as a teeny bikini wax (standard bikini wax), Charm City Clean-up (maintenance service available exclusively at Sky Lounge for avid waxers visiting every 5 weeks or less) or Vegas Strip (full Brazilian leaving a vertical strip) that will also provide a cleaner feeling down below the belt area.

What are some benefits of Brazilian Waxing/ Suzie Snatching?

Waxing gives a feeling of being completely clean. Hair holds on to odor and bacteria…. Two things no woman wants near her Suzie. Waxing usually last about 3-5 weeks which is significantly longer than shaving or other depilatories like Nair or Veet. And if you have ever used Nair and made a mistake during application, you know what that burn feels like (((YIKES))). If you do opt for shaving then I’m sure you are all too familiar with the prickly hairs that pop up 2-3 days later. Not only does it itch like hell, but it is annoying and let’s not even get started on the razor bumps shaving leaves behind. Waxing will alleviate all of that. Because the hairs are removed from the follicle vs being cut bluntly with a razor or trimmer, the hair will grow back normally without a sharp edge. Consistent waxing will cause hair to grow back less over time unlike shaving.

What should you expect during a waxing?

If this is your first time waxing you can expect to be a little nervous. You are going in for an intimate service and are trusting your lady parts to someone else. Before making an appointment anywhere DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Find a reputable esthetician that comes REVIEWED and RECOMMENDED with BRAZILIAN WAXING. You will save yourself a major headache by doing this first. You will want to come with your hygiene game right. Showering right before is always a good option but if time is as an issue a feminine wipe or baby wipe will suffice. Some establishments will offer them and some may not so just be prepared.

Every esthetician has their preference on products, techniques and style of waxing but some things are standard. Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Double dipping – THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBLE DIPPING! Once a wax stick has been applied to your skin it should NOT touch the wax again!!!! I cannot emphasize on this more. Absolutely disgusting bottom line.
  2. A consultation form – Professionals use professional tools, one of them being a consultation form. You may think it is waste of time but things like allergies and medications are important for us estheticians to know before starting a service.
  3. A License – again professionals use or have professional things! The mistake of using an unlicensed service provider is one made too many times. If you wax at an Asian salon, you are most likely being serviced by someone who isn’t licensed. No disrespect but half of them aren’t licensed to do nails, let alone waxing!!! You can request to see a license, a reputable esthetician will have one no matter what.
  4. A clean workspace – every place that provides waxing may not be eloquently decorated in 24K gold with expensive furniture but it should be clean and sanitary. Don’t be fooled by just the look of a place. Just because they invested a lot of money in furniture doesn’t mean they invested in their skill set. The Brazilian performed in a quaint little office space sometimes surpasses the one performed in a large name brand spa. Always check for cleanliness.

All in all the experience should be professional and you should feel comfortable. A good esthetician will be able to inform you of what to expect during your service, make you feel at ease and provide an efficient waxing experience.