Removing unwanted hair from the body has been popular for some time now. You can use wax, electrolysis, razors, creams, gels and other depilatory methods to get rid of your “fur”. There are even have little pads that you can rub on the skin that claim to remove the hair easily and painlessly. Look at all the trouble we go through in an attempt to be “as smooth as a babies bottom”! Of all the methods listed above, shaving was the most popular with waxing coming up in second place and laser bringing in the third. Over the years has become less popular due to the fact that clients know waxing results last up to 5x longer than shaving. That caused a huge spike in waxing popularity which translated to a ton of waxing businesses opening up in the United States. Being as my business, Sky Lounge Skin Care, is 60% waxing I won’t complain about the increased popularity of waxing, but as an entrepreneur I have to stay ahead of the curve and up to date on current trends. That lead me to EpilFree and I knew my business would be changed forever. (Side bar—-For a funny story on my first Brazilian waxing click HERE)

The ability to permanently reduce hair growth…..Sounds impossible or super expensive. The first time I heard about it, nearly two years ago I was super skeptical. I didn’t think a product like that would provide sufficient results…..Boy was I wrong! The product has been wildly successful in the European market and has created a big buzz in the US. Being a woman of color I was also concerned that the product would be ineffective on people of color…..I was wrong about that too! I decided to give it a test run at Sky Lounge Skin Care and I am super pleased with the outcome. The treatments are more affordable than laser hair removal and provide equal results. I have 2 clients in their 3rd session of treatments and their time in between visits has gone from 3-4 weeks to 7-8 weeks. I really wish I had some “before and after” photos to show you but the areas treated are a little “private” if you know what I mean. If you would like to say goodbye to your unwanted body hair for good click HERE to scheduled your EpilFREE permanent hair reduction service.

Below I will answer some frequently asked questions pertaining to EpilFREE.

What is the EpilFREE System?

The EpilFREE System is used in the simple 1-2-3 Hair Free process of permanent hair reduction. The first step is to remove the unwanted hair by epilation using the product Epilfree-Approved Depilatory Cream. This hair removal cream is specially-formulated for effective use with the other Epilfree products. The use of other waxes is not recommended, as they may inhibit the effectiveness of the EpilFREE System.

Is It Safe?

The product consists essentially of natural ingredients that are suitable to all skin types. However if you have a very sensitive skin, it is recommended that you have the Toner B tested on a small portion of your skin prior to completing the treatment

How does EpilFREE work?

EpilFREE is a unique hair removal system consisting of natural lotions that are applied in a specific process to the hair follicles in your skin. It contains a special combination of plant-based ingredients that effectively stops the splitting of root hair cells and thus preventing the growth of new hair in the treated follicle.

Is It Pain free?

Yes, the EpilFREE treatment is completely pain-free, adding no sensation beyond that of normal waxing. The application of the Activator and Toner after the Epilation wax is similar in feeling to applying skin lotion. The lotions leave no color nor odour on the skin. There is no risk of burning, scarring or discoloration and no side effects have been observed. Epilfree has been used to treat over 1 million customers world-wide with no adverse reactions reported.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

A series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at one time in the growth stage where EpilFREE can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts.

How soon will I see results?

Typically results become visibly obvious after 2-3 treatments, with a full course of 8-12 treatments required to stop the growth of most of the hair. The speed of visible results varies among individuals and body parts but in general, about 10–15% of hair reduction is seen per treatment. A slowing of hair growth and a lightening of the regrowth hair are additional side benefits experienced by many people.

I have Dark-Color Skin. Can I use Epilfree?

Yes, EpilFREE is the first lasting hair removal system that works equally well on all skin colors and types. If you have tan, freckled, brown or black skin, EpilFREE will work for you the same as it works on lighter skin. There is no sensitivity or risk to the skin as there is with laser, IPL or other light based hair removal methods.

Are there any side effects?

There have been no side effects observed related to the usage of EpilFREE since the creation of the product. However, the epilation work done prior to applying Epilfree might cause irritation and redness, particularly on individuals with thick hair or those who have their epilation done for the first time.

When is EpilFREE not recommended?

Pregnant or lactating women should not use EpilFREE. Do not use EpilFREE in cases of skin cancer or other types of cancer. After a skin peel, allow the skin to heal completely before using EpilFREE. Do not use EpilFREE if you are undergoing acne treatment or taking blood thinners. Any hormonal imbalances should be corrected before undergoing EpilFREE treatment. In case of any doubt about your suitability, consult your physician before using EpilFREE. Only accept treatment from an EpilFREE Certified Esthetician.